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Basic Weekly Checklist Template Word

Basic Weekly Checklist Template in Word format. You can download and customize this editable template in your phone, tablet, laptop, or pc.

Basic Weekly Checklist Template Word
Word Template
Free for personal or commercial use. © General Blue

For those looking for a Basic weekly checklist template, this free template is one of your options. It's free to download, edit, or print in Word format. It can be accessed and edited in your mobile phone, computer, or laptop. You can start customizing the template by adding your tasks or to do items. You can track these to-dos daily or weekly.

This free template is easy to use and provides sections where you can list out your tasks, events, or reminders from Monday to Sunday.

How to Use the Template

  1. Download the preferred format (Word, Excel, or PDF).

  2. Go to your downloads folder, open the template, and start adding your to-dos. You can use this as your weekly to-do list template, weekly planner, weekly goal tracker, among many others. The template is flexible so you can definitely use it however it may best serve you.

  3. If you are using this as a tracker, simply click or tap the checkbox icon whenever a task is done or completed. The template can be edited in your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

  4. If you got notes or reminders for your week, feel free to add those items at the bottom right section of this template.

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