Spicy Fish Escabeche

A spicy-flavored version of Escabeche recipe. A dish with fish as the main ingredient and complemented with vegetables and spices.

Spicy Fish Escabeche
Fish Sweet Spicy Quick and Easy

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

When is it typically served?

Aside from the classic Sweet and Sour Escabeche, Spicy Fish Escabeche is another escabeche dish. This recipe is known for its spicy flavor, whereas the Sweet and Sour Escabeche is famous for its sweet and sour sauce. This dish is best served cold, with hot rice on the side.

Kitchen Utensils you need!

Make sure to have these kitchen tools on hand while making the spicy fish escabeche:

  • Chopping board
  • Knife
  • Frying pan
  • Serving bowl or plate
  • Cooking tongs
  • Spatula
  • Measuring cup

Spicy Fish Escabeche's primary ingredients – Fish and Chili Peppers

One of the most important ingredients is fish. Local fish known as budloy was used in this dish. This recipe can be made with any type of fish as long as it is edible. You can opt for a more delicious fish such as tilapia. The best fish for this dish is tilapia, especially if you want your spicy escabeche to be boneless. Chili peppers are also an important component of this recipe. It won't be spicy if you don't add it. To make it spicier, add extra chili peppers. If you don't have any chili peppers on hand, sweet chili sauce can be used instead.


  • 300 grams of fish
  • medium-sized carrot
  • 80 grams of ginger
  • 50 grams of onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 6 pieces of chili pepper
  • 3 tablespoon of soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoon of vinegar
  • 2 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of cornstarch
  • cooking oil


  1. To fry the fish, heat the oil in the pan. Once heated, add fish until brown. Flip and fry the other side. Fish should be fried on a medium heat setting.

    Spicy Fish Escabeche
  2. Cut the carrot, ginger, garlic, and chili pepper into a rectangle shape for the spicy sauce. If you like, you may cut these into cubes. The onions can be cut in any form you desire, depending on your preferences. In this recipe, we used Julienne cut.

    Spicy Fish Escabeche
  3. Sauté the onion, garlic, and ginger in a heated pan. Add the carrots and chili peppers after sautéing. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until the carrots are tender. In the pan, pour in the soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and cornstarch. Stir with 2 cups of water and ½ teaspoon of salt afterward.

    Spicy Fish Escabeche
  4. Put the fried fish on a serving plate or bowl, top with the spicy sauce, and serve.

    Spicy Fish Escabeche

Fish Escabeche is a dish also popular in Spain and in France. However, these countries have their own cooking style. Different cooking methods are used, but the essential component remains the same: the fish. It may be prepared in a variety of ways, but in the Philippines, it is always served with fried fish topped with its sauce. Fish Escabeche is served in the country on a regular day and is also present during events like family gatherings, birthday parties, and anniversaries. Now, try making one and you won’t regret any second.